Linear Image Sensor



BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) holds large portfolio of CCD Line Scan Image Sensor from ON Semiconductor, USA.


- Color Sorting

- Intelligent Traffic Systems

- UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance systems)

- Medical Imaging


Product Description Megapixels Line Rate Optical Format Shutter Type Pixel Size (µm) Download Datasheet
KLI-2104 Linear CCD Image Sensor 3 2222
1 4244
KLI-2113 Linear CCD Image Sensor 2098 3       Download
KLI-4104 Linear CCD Image Sensor

3 4128 (Chroma),

1 8276 (Luma)

KLI-8023 Linear CCD Image Sensor 8002 x 3        Download




OEM/Custom Camera:

BMT holds strong expertise in OEM/custom design & development. Projects may include developing complete machine vision solution, or portion of it. BMT leverages its unique experience and expertise built over the years to offer research and development services to solve complex image processing problems and build innovative machine vision based solutions for OEM applications.